Friday, February 15, 2013

Flora in Winter 2013

 Flora In Winter 2013 ~ Worcester Art Museum.
Four floors of interpretive floral design
 Floral designers create clever. provocative interpretations of works from the Museum's collection..a feast for the eyes and spirit in the middle of winter!
 This is where I spent the entire day as I roamed through the four floors of the museum enjoying all the beauty that surrounded each selected art treasure. What a wonderful way to spend a cold wintry day in New England.
 As I made my way up the staircase, I was so delighted to see the designer who cast a spell on me last season, had indeed participated once again. Seed To favorite designer. This space does not interpret any art piece as it sits along the wall that leads into the galleries. 
 Breathtaking Beautiful.
Just as it was last season, but I must say this season I loved best!
 And I plan a visit soon to the shop located within half hours drive.
 I sat along a bench watching folks stop to devour it's beauty knowing as soon as they moved along the display it would be mine. Of course it was not..but I was wishing it was something I could just slip into a magic bag and take home with me.
 I will show in another post last seasons display as I do have photo's to share.
 White and crystals!
 It was a grand time at Flora In Winter..


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a great way to spend a winter day. I have seen where floral designers interpret a piece of art. They are so creative. Love all the floral designs there.

Barb @ My Cottage On The Lake said...


Your pictures take my breath.....stunning!

Hope your weekend is blessed.


Joyce said...

It was good to see you again. Adding you to my blog.

Tete said...

Just so pretty. It was fun coming here today. ;)